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5 Easy Piano Songs For Beginners!


 Make piano practice fun by playing simple songs from the radio and singing along. This is a great way to drill new chords and improve rhythm and groove. Learning to accompany yourself while you play is a valuable skill to have. Here are 5 songs on the radio that beginners can learn!


1. Fallin' (Alicia Keys) - 2  chords!              easy piano songs jammin with you

Fallin' goes back and forth between Emin and Bmin7 for the whole song. Each chord gets 4 beats.

Notes in Emin: E-G-B

Noten in Bmin7: B-D-F#-A






2. Dynamite (Bruno Mars)- 4 chords!                        

5 easy songs piano Jammin' With You

The verses and chorus of Dynamite repeat Am, C, G, & F. Each chord gets 4 beats.

Notes in Am chord: A-C-E

Notes in C chord: C-E-G

Notes in G chord: G-B-D

Notes in F chord: F-A-C




3. Come Together (The Beatles)- 4 chords!

the beatles easy piano songs

Come Together rotates between Dmin (4 bars), A7 (2 bars), and G7 (2 bars). The hook line is Bmin (1 bar) and G (1 bar).

Notes in Dmin chord- D-F-A

Notes in A7 chord- A-C#-E-G

Notes in G7 chord- G-B-D-F

Notes in Bmin chord- B-D-F#-A




4. Walking On Sunshine (Katrina & The Waves)- 3 chords!

Walking on Sunshine Jammin' With YouThis very fun song rotates between E, A, B, A in the verse (2 beats each), and A, B, A for the 2 lines of the chorus  (2 beats each). When the line "don't it feel good!" comes along, the chords go back to E, A, B, A.

Notes in E chord- E-G#-B

Notes in A chord- A-C#-E

Notes in B chord- B-D#-F#




5. Hey Ya (OutKast)- 4 chords!     

Outkast Hey Ya Jammin' With You

This song rotates between G (1 bar), C (2 bars), D (2 beats),

E (2 bars). Watch out for the 2/4 bar on the D chord!

Notes in G chord- G-B-D

Notes in C chord-C-E-G

Notes in D chord- D-F#-A

Notes in E chord- E-G#-B




Jammin' With You offers in-home lessons for all ages. Currently serving Massachusetts and New York. Please visit for more information.

How To Make Piano Practice Fun!!!


Make It Into a Game

Learning piano for the first time takes a lot of practice and can feel tedious at times. However, there are many ways to make it fun! Here are 3 games for the piano that will be sure to bring some smiles to your practice session!


The Pennies GamePenny Game

Objective: Learn the notes on the keyboard and staff

Step 1: Place stickers on pennies with each of the note names (A through G)

Step 2: Put the pennies face down on the notes they belong to (don't put them in order)

Step 3: Say the note before you turn over the penny, do it until you get them all right!


Draw your own large staff paper with the spaces between the lines big enough for the pennies. Place the pennies on the staff to write your own song!


The Safari GameMake Piano Practice Fun

Objective: Quickly recognize different keys on the piano (in preparation for sight-reading)

Step 1: Buy 2 plastic animals at your local toy store.

Step 2: Start with the two animals placed 5-8 white keys apart from each other.

Step 3: Tell your student which keys the animals need to run to not to get caught by the other one (in this case we will use a rabbit and jaguar) i.e "The rabbit is going to run up to the key Ab to get away, but now the jaguar is going to jump to the key B to try and get him."

This game can be quite fun and help with quick recognition of the piano keys!

The Tip-Toe Game

Objective: Recognize different tempos and learn to feel the beat in your body

Step 1: Either at the piano or on a CD player, play very fast music and have your student jump around the room at the beat of the music.

Step 2: Without warning, switch to slow music and have your student quietly tip-toe around the room to the tempo of the music.

Step 3: Vary the tempos and have your student recognize the changes. Fall down at the end!


Please post your favorite beginner's music games!

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