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Kids Music- Music for all seasons


Music lessons normally run September to June, right along with the school calendar. When students are off from school normally music education takes a break too. But does it have to? Here are some cool things for kids to do around the school breaks to make sure they still have music everyday.

Winter Break-

Holiday SuperJam

Winter is filled with holiday parties, traveling, gift buying and more traveling. Who has time for anything else?

Simple ways to keep music around:

- Have your kids learn holiday songs to sing and play for the family.

- Sing and play special songs as a family.

- Go to your schools holiday concert.

- Play in a winter concert

Just these simple steps help your child still stay excited about music over the break from school. They now have a special job around the holidays and playing for family becomes a tradition.


Winter and Spring Break-

Sometimes we travel during our February and April break and it is hard to still practice when we are in different places. There are still some great ways to make sure that music is a part of vacation.

-Find local concerts where you are traveling. These don't need to be big names or even expensive tickets. Listen to the music on the streets or see if any museums have any kids concerts.

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- Sing songs the child has learned or is working on with their music teacher.

-If your traveling out of the country, maybe find some examples of music from that new culture and play these songs for your children. Ask them questions like:

                      * What kind of instruments do you hear?

                      * What sounds the same? What sounds different?

                      * Is this music you would like to learn? 

During your vacation, your child may hear a song or an instrument that they would like to learn. Your vacations can be relaxing and inspiring.

Summer Break-

Sunflower by Tournesol

Normally every school or private lesson teacher has an end of the year concert. These concerts are a great way for your child to show off what they have learned since September. Every musician should perform and a school setting is a great way to learn.

-Participate in end of the year recitals and concerts.

-Find a cool summer concert to take the whole family to.

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- Sign up for a camp. Most camps have a music program in them and your child may have a chance to play a new instrument and learn new songs. There are also speciality music camps that give your child a chance to spend the summer learning more about music.

JWY! Recommends: Beaver Summer Programs

Music is such a great and important part of life for kids. Help them keep exploring and enjoying music all through the year.

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