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SAVE YOUR VOICE~ 5 ways to improve your singing lessons

Posted by Beth Pacione on Mar 4, 2010 1:14:00 PM


Colds are in the air and allergies are just around the corner. What do you do to keep your voice healthy and how do you sound your best?

No matter how young you are or how long you have been taking vocal lessons a person should know how to care for their voice. Here are 5 simple ways to care for your voice.

1. Stay hydrated!

Every vocalist should always carry a bottle of water. An voice teacher of mine use to say “drink so much water that you pee clear!” It may sound gross but the more hydrated you are the better you will sound and the less damage you will do to your voice. Try to stay clear of too much caffeine and high sugar drinks.

2. Remember your warm ups

Just like getting ready to play sports or work out, your voice needs a proper warm up before you start to sing. Use a piano or guitar and sing up and down a scale, buzz your lips, hum a tune or do some breathing exercises. Your breath is so important in singing properly. So remember to practice breathing deep and using your entire midsection to support you.

3. Don't Shout!

Try to limit speaking in noisy places, or shouting at events. We all get excited sometimes, but every time you yell till you are hoarse you are damaging your voice.

4. Watch What You Eat

Before you sing a show, avoid foods and drinks that make your vocal cords produce mucous.
*dairy products
The best way to get rid of the mucous is to drink lots of water and warm up your voice.

5. Heal Your Sick Voice

When you are sick you should rest your voice as much as you can. You do not want to strain it or push to hard. If your voice is sore, besides drinking water try some of these tricks.
*Sleep with a humidifier *Drink herbal teas *Try to keep your voice and throat warm with scarves and turtle necks *Breath in steam

Unlike other instruments that get put away in a protective case, your instrument is your body and everything you do effects it. Remember these tips and sing your best.

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photo by Steve Punter

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