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Kids Music- Top 10 cutest kids songs!

Posted by Beth Pacione on Aug 19, 2010 9:07:00 AM

Kids Music- Top 10 Cutest Songs Ever
Here are some of the cutest kids songs I have heard! In no particular order.

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Bear to the Left - Billy Jonas
A very clever song about using animal names to give directions. It’s a very easy song to sing together and my students love it. This would be a great song to learn as a family and sing together all you need is a leader to remember the words. This song will surely be a family favorite to “Horse Around” with!
Billy Jonas: http://www.billyjonas.com/

All I Really Need - Raffi

Such a beautiful song about the basics that we need in our life, “song in my heart, food in my belly, and love in my family.” Sometimes we get caught up in what we “need”.“Mom, I need that new toy”, “I really need a vacation” , “I really need, a new car” but this song reminds us that we really need love, music and food to survive. I think this is a great song to sing together as a family.

Raffi Singing on Broadway! Who knew Raffi was on Broadway?


Red Red Robin - Rosie Flores
Red Red Robin is an older song, but Roise Flores puts a country, rockabilly feel to it. It makes this song upbeat and fun! I love the mix of the guitar and her vocals. I found this song off of the album  Sing Along With Putumayo. Rosie Flores is a fantastic artist and her new album “Girl of the Century” is worth a look!

Check Out Putumayo: http://www.putumayo.com/
Rosie Flores: http://www.rosieflores.com/index_2.html
Me Singing Red Red Robin: http://www.youtube.com/user/BethPacione#p/u/3/sz_b0KN9u2o

Be Kind To Your Parents - Pete Seeger
So the first line may not seem so cute to parents “Be kind to your parents, though they don’t deserve it...” but this song is very cute. This song helps children remember parents once were kids too! I had a student sing this at this years SuperJam and it went over very well with our audience. I really enjoy the last line, “Someday you may wake up and find your a parent too!”
Pete Seeger-http://www.last.fm/music/Pete+Seeger/_/Be+Kind+to+Your+Parents

Sunny Side of the Street - Fox and Branch
“Grab your coat and grab your hat, leave your worries on the doorstep now, direct your feet to the sunny side of the street” What a positive message this old classic song sings!  Fox and Branch give it a fun groove using such instruments as the washboard, spoons and a kazoo. This song makes me smile everytime!
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Smile Smile Smile - Dan Zanes
Speaking of smiling... “Every time I think of you I smile for a while, that’s the one thing you always do is smile smile smile” What a great message to any family member or friend. “Your big heart circles the world every time you smile!” This song fills your head of fun and crazy things we do together like singing broadway songs and passing the baton as we run. Another song that just makes my heart grow every time I hear it!
Smile, Smile,Smile: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9RXgP1nAk8 SO CUTE

Belly Button Song - Music For AArdvarks & Other Mammals
How fun is this guys voice as he is singing about Belly Buttons! Enough Said!
Music for Aardvarks: http://www.musicforaardvarks.com/

If You Wanna Sing Out, Sing Out-  Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem
Originally written by Cat Stevens, this version is a bit more upbeat and still sings the positivity of the original. The vocals are clear and harmonize lovely together. This is the first track on their album Racky Tacky which also has alot of other great tunes!

I Will Be Your Friend- Guy Davis
Very cute friendship song! This song is all about taking care of one another and reminding each other of our love. What a great message for anyone at any age.
Make sure to send this to the friend that takes care of you.

Sunflower - Flooky & the Beans
Local Boston kids band Flooky & the Beans has many great songs, and their shows are great fun for all! This one is about beautiful Sunflowers. It is a very soothing song. The harmonies that the band really helps you enjoy the lyrics. “Add a little sunshine, grow so high, add a little rain, grow so high, add a little food, grow so high, add a little love, grow so high” Oh and that is Josh Shriber, our Director singing! Go Josh!



Please post some of your cutest kids songs too! We would love to hear from you and learn some more great tunes!

Photos by: HLIT & epSOS.de

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