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Posture makes your Music Lesson!

Posted by Beth Pacione on Oct 10, 2011 11:21:00 AM

TBad posture 1 at the pianohe other week I was teaching a student and I looked over and her posture was all wacky. Her back was curved and she was hovered over the piano. Her legs were lounging forward and not bent and she was sitting sideways. "Oh my" I exclaimed "We need to fix your posture."

Posture is one of the tools that students learn when they first start to learn piano. If you look in any beginning lesson book there is a section on posture in the first few pages. Posture is a very important tool for any instrument, but as musician we tend to forget the correct ways to sit and this causes problems in our playing.



Bad posture 2 at the piano

Not sitting correctly with your instrument causes problems with your playing?

Yes! Just like any sport or dance, the postures you use help you perform. Music lessons are just the same. Sometimes when your posture is not correct you make more mistakes because your body is not in the correct postion.






                                 Key things to remember for correct piano posture:

1. Sitting with your feet flat on the floor.Good piano posture

2. Your knees are slightly under the keyboard.

3. Sitting on the front part of the bench

4. Back Straight

5. Loose shoulders

6. Curved Fingers on keys


Remembering this position will make a world of difference in your playing and performing.

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