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Jammin' With You! Summer Fun!

Posted by Beth Pacione on Jul 8, 2010 12:05:00 PM

Summer has arrived! And this summer we would like to take a moment to interview our teachers and see what their summer fun includes! First up Rob Morrison!

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Jammin' With You!: What do you teach at JWY!
Rob Morrison: Guitar, piano, theory + voice (plus life experience)

JWY!: What have you learned from teaching lessons to JWY! students?
RM: I have learned that there are many learning styles and personalities and therefore there must be alternative teaching methods to accomodate each student.

JWY!: What do you think is different about teaching in a studio vs. in-home music lessons?
RM: The student is generally more comfortable learning at home, but the teacher has to work harder to keep their attention.

JWY!: How have you influenced kids while teaching? AND How have they influenced you?
RM: I feel like I have broadened the horizons of my students by introducing them to improvisation and songwriting at early stages of their musical education. My students have taught me the untrained ear has a lot to offer musically and can produce fresh ideas without the impedence of too much conventional wisdom.

JWY!: What is your favorite summer tune to Jam out to?
RM: Here Comes The Sun by the Beatles

JWY!: What was the best summer concert you went to?
RM: This year, it was Jethro Tull at the Bank of America Pavillion.

JWY!: Is there anything exciting that you are doing over the summer?
RM: I'm taking little vacations to Martha's Vineyard, Vermont, the Cape and Montreal.

JWY!: Where is your favorite place to play music during the summer?
RM: Anywhere outside. Last year my band, Stroamata, played the outdoor festival Harpoon Summer Session, but this summer, you might find me busking (musician-speak for playing for tips in the street) in the public parks of downtown Boston before or after lessons. Barbeques, pool parties or roofdecks are just as good.

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Can a music student practice too much?

Posted by Beth Pacione on May 15, 2010 10:45:00 AM

Practice makes perfect.

Practice if you were the worst and perform if you were the best! 

Practice, Practice, Practice!!!! 

As SuperJams aproach we are all telling our students to practice their pieces. Some students are focusing all of their practice energy on making their performance piece absoulutly perfect. 

But can you be practicing too much!? Could too much practice actually damage your playing?

If a student already has compleated his/her performance piece and everything is perfect, he/she should still practice, but maybe not everyday. When playing the piece there still needs to be an element of "freshness" in the student's sound, touch and feel of the song.

So as your student practices keep these few tips in mind: 

 1. Before playing the whole piece, play the trouble spots

 2. If the piece you are playing is perfect and you are ready to play at the recital, only practice every other day or take off few days of playing it. This helps to keep it fresh. 

 3. Sometimes instead of playing at your instrument, visualize the music or try to hum or sing the song in your head. 

 4. Try playing the piece in front of family and friends just like you would at the recital. 

Use these few tips to help your student stay fresh and excited about their recital piece. Remember to keep on encouraging him/her and helping him/her feel excited and ready to play on the big day.

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