• Three-tiered Registration Process (priority, preferred, open)
  • Continuing lessons over the summer does not grant priority or preferred status.
  • Call 781-237-1511 with any questions.
  • A $30 annual registration/membership fee must be received to finalize your confirmation for lessons.

1. Priority Registration (6/1 - 6/14) 
No changes to current lesson. Same teacher. Same day. Same time. (e.g. My lesson for this school year was Mondays at 3:30-4pm with Beethoven. My lessons for 2017-2018 will stay Mondays at 3:30-4pm with Beethoven).

2. Preferred Registration (6/15 - 6/30)
Schedule changes. Change in teacher, day, or time. (e.g. I need to change to Tuesdays at 5-5:30pm due to schedule changes. I'd like to stay with Beethoven if possible.) 

3. Open Registration (7/1 - 9/8)
Flexible schedule, plans not yet determined. Open to JWY Families and non-JWY! Students and families. Students will be placed on a first-come- first-served basis. (e.g. I want to continue with lessons, but don't yet have a day or time to which I can commit. I understand that this may mean being placed with a new teacher to accommodate my schedule changes.)



Pay in Advance All in-home music lessons must be paid in advance. During the first week of each month you will receive an invoice for all lessons to be attended during that month. If a lesson is missed, the client's account will be credited. If the duration of a lessons changes, the client's account will be credited (a lesson is usually 45 minutes, but occurred only for 30) or debited (a lesson is usually 30 minutes, but occurred for 45) accordingly. Before the school year begins, JWY! will send out a detailed calendar of projected lesson days for each month.

Credit Cards for Payment All in-home music lessons must be paid by credit card. As the final step to registration, clients will be prompted to enter credit card information when paying the annual registration fee. No registration will be confirmed without the credit card information and registration fee.