JWY! In Your School

Music Enrichment for Daycares, Preshools and Community Centers

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Jammin’ With You!'s music enrichment programming offers an unequivocal educational experience to children in the earliest, and most important, stages of development. Our trained professionals will get your students dancing, singing, and jamming, all while promoting healthy social/emotional, cognitive, and physical development.

Powered by the original music of Josh and the Jamtones, JWY! songs touch on relevant topics such as imagination, family, and love as well as educational themes such as numbers, colors, language, and rhythms. 

Jammin’ With You! believes music education should be an experience to engage in, rather than a recording to listen to. All of our teachers are highly skilled musicians who perform music live with the children in the classroom. We also believe that the best education stems from a group effort, and are eager to incorporate individual classroom themes/goals into our sessions to help provide continuity in learning.

Now offering weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly scheduling options. 

Please Contact Us for rates, more information, or to set up a free demonstration for your school.