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Chris Lewis: Voice coach Piano Lessons Drum lessons Christopher Lewis first picked up the guitar seventeen years ago. Having played in the band .chilmark. as a singer/songwriter for nine years, Chris has the experience of group collaboration and unity which has strongly inspired his solo projects. With steady album sales and concert draws, Chris is well established in the Boston music scene. He has developed a strong following in the New England area and has attracted the interest of professional artists, including Bruce Hornsby who sent Chris a personal email reading:

Chris- I hear through the grapevine that you’re really talented. Keep working at it and enjoying it. - Bruce Hornsby

Along with being a guitarist, Chris has been a vocalist for ten years and a drummer for over twelve. Chris has six years experience teaching music to early childhood students. He has a strong understanding of the early childhood learning process and how to connect in a way that will be most effective and fun. Over the years, Chris has developed his own style of teaching and program for early childhood music in the classroom focusing the basics of guitar playing and how we incorporate music in our daily lives.