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Rick Smith: Drum lessons Piano lessons Rick's life has always been distinguished by his love of music, beginning with piano at the age of five and drums at twelve. Rick was born and raised in northern Michigan and spent his younger years playing in school orchestral and marching bands, starting rock bands with his friends and sharing his knowledge and passion of music with his own music students. In 2003, Rick moved to Boston to further pursue music in a more dynamic and challenging arena, and soon began to attend Berklee College of Music.

Throughout his adult years, Rick has been on numerous regional and national tours in a variety of different bands. His performances have included playing in Boston with Brunt Of It and Lenny Lashley, touring the midwest in War Of Words, performing in the CMJ showcase in New York for Outernational, playing the entire Vans Warped Tour with Far From Finished, as well as US tours in Jr Thomas, The Sterns and others. In 2012 Rick toured through 10 different countries in Europe in the traditional ska band The Void Union. Rick continues to play with The Void Union as well as 3 original projects called The Pomps, The Regulars, and Rebuilder.

From his early years in Michigan to the present, Rick has also sought out and found great enjoyment in teaching percussion and piano to students of all ages. Currently, he sees over 30 private lessons each week. He hopes to not only contribute to bringing forward new musicians with appreciable technical abilities, but to also use his personal experiences to show others of the rich and diverse career options available in performance percussion, and in the music industry at large.