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Siddharth Joshi: Drum lessons Piano lessons Guitar lessons Voice lessons Siddharth is a 24 year old neurocognitive scientist, academic, composer, producer, sound engineer, pianist, vocalist, drummer, guitarist and general noise maker. He has been singing and playing these instruments for at least 11 years, and is most comfortable with the piano, which he has played for the last 15 years. As an academic, scientist, and creator, Siddharth says that he is “grateful for the life processes that have resulted in my strengths (and weaknesses!) and attribute many of my strongest qualities to the knowledge I gained from my musical education. I enjoy helping kids to establish similarly valuable tools for living, learning, discovering and creating at a young age. It's great for them and it's great for me.”

Though he has taught and tutored biology, chemistry, physics, calculus, and many other schools of knowledge, Siddharth is especially convinced of the importance of musical education. The skills of listening, mimicking, learning and creating music comprise an overarching art that captures all the fundamentals of Universal science and mathematics, and are doubly critical as emotional tools for growing humans. As a testament to this, Siddharth began his own learning process at age four, when he would spend many a batman-caped hour seeking out notes he was singing on his parents’ upright, creating his simple symphonies. At around the age of five or six, he began intensive study with Master Hisako Hiratsuka in western classical piano and trained with her for the next 7 years.

A dedicated student of Master Hiratsuka in Wellesley, MA, Siddharth continued his musical education by honing his piano skills to professional proficiency, as with the acoustic and electric guitar, drum set, voice, and studio recording arts. His curiosity for music has always been closely tied to a passion for science, and Siddharth pursued both to a professional level, having produced songs for multi-platinum, MTV-featured artists, and having graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Biomedical Sciences from the University of South Florida, a published Neurocognitive scientist at 23.

Siddharth began playing small bars and clubs to humble followings. By word of mouth, he was soon playing large events for the University of South Florida fraternity/sorority network. He was featured at the "Relay for Life" cancer fund-raiser and after performing for thousands of people, was picked up by the Ybor City club circuit, where he regularly headlined venues 500+. Siddharth also co-wrote and performed in a musical exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa.

Currently, Siddharth composes, performs, records, produces, and engineers/mixes music under the epithet "Mowgli" for his private label, Junglee Records. He produces his sounds using voice, electronic, and acoustic instruments. Having released one studio album for free internet download that was met with a successful reception, Siddharth is in the process of recording his second album for commercial release.

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