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5 Easy Piano Songs For Beginners!


 Make piano practice fun by playing simple songs from the radio and singing along. This is a great way to drill new chords and improve rhythm and groove. Learning to accompany yourself while you play is a valuable skill to have. Here are 5 songs on the radio that beginners can learn!


1. Fallin' (Alicia Keys) - 2  chords!              easy piano songs jammin with you

Fallin' goes back and forth between Emin and Bmin7 for the whole song. Each chord gets 4 beats.

Notes in Emin: E-G-B

Noten in Bmin7: B-D-F#-A






2. Dynamite (Bruno Mars)- 4 chords!                        

5 easy songs piano Jammin' With You

The verses and chorus of Dynamite repeat Am, C, G, & F. Each chord gets 4 beats.

Notes in Am chord: A-C-E

Notes in C chord: C-E-G

Notes in G chord: G-B-D

Notes in F chord: F-A-C




3. Come Together (The Beatles)- 4 chords!

the beatles easy piano songs

Come Together rotates between Dmin (4 bars), A7 (2 bars), and G7 (2 bars). The hook line is Bmin (1 bar) and G (1 bar).

Notes in Dmin chord- D-F-A

Notes in A7 chord- A-C#-E-G

Notes in G7 chord- G-B-D-F

Notes in Bmin chord- B-D-F#-A




4. Walking On Sunshine (Katrina & The Waves)- 3 chords!

Walking on Sunshine Jammin' With YouThis very fun song rotates between E, A, B, A in the verse (2 beats each), and A, B, A for the 2 lines of the chorus  (2 beats each). When the line "don't it feel good!" comes along, the chords go back to E, A, B, A.

Notes in E chord- E-G#-B

Notes in A chord- A-C#-E

Notes in B chord- B-D#-F#




5. Hey Ya (OutKast)- 4 chords!     

Outkast Hey Ya Jammin' With You

This song rotates between G (1 bar), C (2 bars), D (2 beats),

E (2 bars). Watch out for the 2/4 bar on the D chord!

Notes in G chord- G-B-D

Notes in C chord-C-E-G

Notes in D chord- D-F#-A

Notes in E chord- E-G#-B




Jammin' With You offers in-home lessons for all ages. Currently serving Massachusetts and New York. Please visit for more information.


I think in on song #1 you meant notes not chords. The chords make no sence
Posted @ Thursday, March 28, 2013 5:48 PM by Kyle C
I think the bruno mars song is not dynamite but grenade.
Posted @ Saturday, May 18, 2013 1:59 AM by K-la
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