Jammin' With You! JamKids program Boston

JamKids in action at Jammin' With You!
Give your child the gift of music!
Watch them grow in our JamKids program!!

JamKids offers a fun instrument prep class lead by an experienced JWY! teacher who plays and sings throughout class. Our teachers are available to come to your preschool class or enrichment center!!

In each class students will:

* play percussion instruments

* learn to play and sing music in a group

* sing songs in different keys and rhythms

* learn to write music

* dance and play

* have fun making music

During the semester, classes will cover topics that will help students develop a strong musical foundation.  These topics include, learning note names, values and patterns, dynamics, the musical staff, bass and treble clef and more!

We follow the National Standards for Music Education to help your child learn skills and techniques that can be built upon for years to come.


JamKids is powered by the original music of Josh and the Jamtones