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Russell Kniffin: Guitar lessons Piano lessons Nick Neuburg is is a drummer/percussionist, pianist, and composer originally from the greater Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area. Nick began music studies at an early age and quickly became an in demand musician among the local community of Jazz musicians by his teens, performing often with Pianists Mike Gerber and Antonio Adolfo, and Multi-Instrumentalist and Be-bop great Ira Sullivan. Upon graduating high school, Nick relocated to Boston to attend the New England Conservatory of Music, where he studied with the legendary drummers Rakalam Bob Moses and Billy Hart, and studied composition and improvisation with pianist Anthony Coleman and Guitarist Joe Morris. Upon graduating the Conservatory in the spring of 2014 Nick remained in the greater Boston area until the summer of 2018, during which time he both remained active in the creative music scene as a performer and became busy working and teaching. Over those years, Nick was a part of the bands Aykroyd, Letter Castle, Particulars, Ryan Power, Los Greys, Every Kim Parcell, Listening Woman, and Creative Healing, among others.
Nick began teaching with JWY! in 2015 and is excited to continue teaching in NY! As an educator, Nick strives to help students develop the fundamental skills and vocabulary as a musician that will allow them to play the music they most enjoy, making the learning and growing process as much fun as possible along the way. He aims to pass down the knowledge received to him by his many great teachers to the best of his abilities.


What Parents Are Saying About Nick!

“Nick has been a wonderful teacher to my son for the last two years. He has a tremendous amount of patience and started with my son when he just turned 5 years old with just 30 minute lessons and he now goes a full hour and loves his Mondays with Nick! Nick is extremely technical and has taught my son to master the basics and he even got up in front of his whole school in Kindergarten this year and did a performance of a song he had practiced with Nick all year and was so proud. We will miss Nick!”
"My son has really loved working with Nick.  When he first started lessons, he was not sure if he was going to continue his lessons but because of Nick, he stayed on and now he loves it!"
"Nick does a suburb job of integrating music into our very hectic schedule.  We needed a teacher who has the ability to assign just the right amount of work to ensure my kids progress in music without overwhelming them.  He has helped us find a great balance that makes music fun, attainable, and enjoyable rather than a dreaded chore that needs to be checked off a list. "
"Nick was a great music teacher for young kids to get inspired from various kinds of music. Our son started studying piano and drums with Nick when he was five years old. He made great progress over time and loved Nick as his music teacher. He looked forward to his lesson every week! "