Jammin' With You!
NYC Teacher Testimonials

What parents are saying about our instructors:

 "Merrily's professional attitude caught our attention right away. She not only encourages our daughter who is 15 to take chances but, also makes suggestions for making a piece of music her own. I've seen our daughter's confidence in herself grow enormously over the short period she has worked with Merrily. She has learned to take chances and do what she once believed was impossible. Her voice is stronger and more beautiful. My daughter likes that Merrily inspires her to always try to do the impossible."

"When Merrily greeted us outside the gates of PS 107 I had a feeling she could help our daughter to enjoy music... I like the idea of group lessons, but she was just not ready. Merrily is amazing! all around amazing! She is talented, a great teacher and very kind - Our daughter picks up on her sincerity and really enjoys their time together. Sign us up for next Fall :)"

"My two daughters discovered Merrily handing out fliers for Jammin' With You. From the first time they saw her and spoke with her, it was clear that she was someone who was passionate about music. In our short time together, we have all come to respect Merrily's talent and her ability to develop the talent in others.  Unlike other teachers my daughter had when she was younger, who told her what to sing, Merrily encourages our daughter to sing the songs she's most interested in learning and then to make them her own, to develop her own voice and style rather than just to imitate an artist. As a result, my daughter spends most waking moments at home practicing piano and singing. We believe that like a flower needs sun, rich soil and rain, our daughter needed Merrily to enter her life and awaken her voice. Thank you so much Merrily for your commitment to nurturing our daughter's musical talent."


"Rob has been wonderful with Lachlan and has really impressed us.  He makes learning fun for him and is flexible based on what Lach wants to do that day but also pushes him to concentrate on playing or a valuable lesson. He adds funny ways to remember notes when they do flashcards and they have a ball doing those together. Who knew flashcards could be so fun?!!! Lach has been in piano since January and has already completed the primer play and theory book and is moving onto level 1. When Rob sits with him to play a new song, Lach plays it slowly but typically almost nearly perfect b/c Rob has done such a good job laying a good foundation for his playing with really teaching him the notes so he is confident to learn and play something new. The recital in June was also such a great experience. It was a night we will always remember fondly as his first recital and was such a broad showcase of talent. Lach loved seeing the older kids and how good they were and it was really heart-warming to see all the kids put themselves out there and do such an incredible job. They rocked and we were so proud of Lach!!! Thanks to Rob and to all your staff for obviously loving what they do so much. Their passion is reflected in the quality of their teaching and we are really happy we found Jammin' with You!"

"Rob is a talented musician who channels his energy into teaching children to love music.  We chose him because he makes it fun and creative and not stiff and punishing as some music teachers can be. He encourages serious understanding of music but also encourages creativity and improvisation. My daughter adores him."



 “Kyle is an excellent teacher and our 6-year old daughter always looks forward to her lessons with him. His lessons are well-planned, but he's also spontaneous. She has learned so much in such a short time. Highly recommended!”