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Richard Gill - The Value of Music Education

Posted by Merrily James on Jul 7, 2014 7:28:00 PM

"The power of the creative thought transferred from music to all other areas of learning is hugely potent. It is worth teaching because it empowers spectacularly." - Richard Gill

Richard Gill gives a great talk on the power of music to empower children, and the ways we ignite the imagination by using music as a vehicle for abstract thinking. 

  • Music should be taught to children when they are very young, every child should have access to music.

  • Music is important because it's abstract - it doesn't mean anything outside itself. This abstraction gives children the opportunity to tap into the power of their imagination. 

  • Music does not describe, music does not narrate, music does not tell stories - music suggests, implies, and opens up the mind of a child in an extraordinary way. 

  • We get children to try to understand that the most important thing about music is to make your OWN music. 

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