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Get Playing on Lesson #1!

Posted by Merrily James on Sep 24, 2015 11:49:20 AM

maxresdefaultThe first lesson with a student is our chance to inspire them and show why taking music lessons will be so fun! While it's important to talk and get to know your student during the first lesson, it's also essential to get them playing with a song that they can practice throughout the week. 

Even the easiest song can bring a lot of excitement to a child who's playing an instrument for the first time. Below are activities and links to great beginner songs for the first lesson.

Please list any great first lesson activities you use in the comments!

1. For piano students, use stickers numbers 1-5 on the piano and teach them a song where they only need to know the finger numbers. Tracing their hands and numbering the fingers first can be helpful. 

2. Teach your student one or two notes, let them improvise while you comp chords under them. For piano students, you can put stickers on a few notes from the blues scale - they will sound great no matter what!

Beginner Songs With Finger Numbers

Hot Crossed Buns

It's October

What The Robin Said To the Worm

Right Hand, Left Hand

Wiggly Worm