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Cut Up a Song Grab Bag

Posted by Merrily James on Apr 6, 2018 11:46:50 AM

Parents often ask me for more techniques to help students practice hard parts in their music without going back to the beginning. I like this game because it makes it impossible for students to start from the beginning and gives them a visual tool to measure their practice. You can also use the Musical Mystery Bag technique if it suits your student's needs better.  

1. Make three photocopies of the music your student is working on. 

2. Use scissors to cut out the difficult passages your student needs to work on. Cut multiples copies of the hardest parts. 

3. Include some "surprises" in the grab bag. This could be the hook of an easy song they love, a note telling them to do something silly like a headstand, etc. 

4. Put everything into a bag and decide how many your student should pick each time they practice.