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Music Truth or Dare

Posted by Merrily James on Mar 5, 2019 3:14:22 PM

Anyone up for a game of truth or dare?  Don’t worry… unlike the version of the game you might have played in junior high, this new musical rendition won’t require any red-faced confessions or pranks. It will give you a fun way to review note names and intervals with your students! 

This game from Pianimation challenges students to demonstrate their knowledge of theory concepts in 2 ways – by naming answers “flashcard” style (for each truth card), and by performing tasks at the piano (for each dare card).  

Level 1
Grand Staff Note Names (Bass F – Treble G)
Piano Key Names (white keys)
Steps & Skips

Level 2
Grand Staff Note Names (Bass C – Treble C)
Piano Key Names (black keys)
Intervals (2nds – 5ths) 

Level 3
Grand Staff Note Names (all lines & spaces)
Intervals (2nds – 8ths)
Whole & Half Steps 

Each level also includes a set of bonus cards that make the game adaptable for use in either a private lesson or group/classroom setting.   


To play in a private lesson setting (non-competitive):
This game can provide a fun alternative to traditional flashcards in a private lesson. Select the cards from the deck you want to use and place them in a hat or bag. Since there’s only one player involved, the only bonus cards you’ll need to include are the “treat” cards (2-3 treat cards make for a nice surprise in the middle of a bag of flashcards!).   Let your student draw cards from the hat one at a time, answering each with a “truth” or “dare.”  

Download Truth or Dare PDF