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Posted by Merrily James on May 11, 2018 2:08:01 PM

Little kids need extra reinforcement with right hand/left hand and with associating each hand with a clef.

This version of Slapjack (from MyFunPianoStudio) is played similarly to the original, but with twist that makes it even more fun- each clef must be slapped by the correct hand.

How to Play Slapjack
The adult turns over one card at a time. Each time a clef is turned over, kids quickly slap the card. If it’s a treble clef, they slap with the right hand. If it’s a bass clef, they slap with the left hand.

This game is great with a single child or a group of kids. If you’re with a group and worried about kids slapping too hard, you can have them slap the carpet in front of them and just check each time to make sure they used the correct hand. If the kids are up for some competition, play it like the original, where the kids race to be the first to slap- but it only counts if they use the correct hand.

Get Slapjack
This is a free printable game. Just click the button below, print (cardstock is recommended), and cut out the cards.

This free piano game is a fast and effective way to help young kids. Give it try- they’ll be laughing and having a ball!

Download PDF of SlapJack