Allie Picariello

Jams on:
Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Bass

Jam central station: In-home lessons throughout Greater Boston

Degrees of jam: Allie has a BA in Music/Film Score from Berklee College of Music and is returning to Berklee in summer 2019 to complete a second major in Music Therapy.

What’s her jam? Rock, pop, classical (piano), blues, R&B.

Extrajamicular activities: Beyond teaching, Allie does, well, everything! She regularly sits in with local bands on bass, and recently recorded with Boston-based roots rockers the Rusted Bucket Band. She played in the pit band for productions of Funny Girl and Copa Cabana at Beverly High School, is currently cowriting a musical and composing her own library of original music for film/visual media.

Allie’s jam plan: “My biggest priority, especially when working with a beginner child, is to get the student to fall in love with music,” says Allie. With an approach she describes as “fun, contemporary, and flexible,” she teaches foundational skills using a repertoire of songs her students recognize and enjoy. This builds confidence and drives a commitment to practicing.

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