Anthony Campoli

Jamographic location: In-home lessons, In-studio lessons, Greater Boston

Jamscendental instrumentation: Guitar, Piano, Voice

Fave jam: Classic rock (60s/70s) and older R&B.

Jammer school: Anthony began piano lessons at age 8, and later learned guitar and trumpet. He was a high school Concert Choir member, then pursued a college degree in guitar at Berklee College of Music 

Sweetest jams: Anthony performs regularly with performance/recording artists Beane and Tyler Dane. His band, The E-Block, just released an EP. 
How Anthony jams with you: Anthony has worked with music students ages 4 to 15. He likes to get a feel for their musical background, and what they enjoy listening to. Then, if they've never played before, a balance of music theory and technical practice through games and other activities is where he would start. His goal is to make lessons as fun as possible, while still improving their skill set each week.