Chris Lewis

Jamographic location: In-home lessons, Greater Boston

Jammin on: Piano, Guitar, Voice, Drum, Ukulele, Bass

What’s his jam: All genres!

Music ed-jam-ucation: Chris got hooked on guitar at 9 years old and learned basic technique and theory from his father, who also taught him ‘Blackbird’ by The Beatles. That started a lifelong passion for music. At 12-years-old he started playing drums and developed a love of percussion. Chris continues to work on his strengths as a rhythm guitarist and drummer.

Jams of the past: In high school, Chris started a band called Chilmark with his cousin and close friends. They performed, wrote, and recorded music together for 12 years in the New England area. Now he performs regularly and writes/records original music released on major distribution platforms. Chris also started another project called The Lewis Duo, and has recorded hundreds of hours of music and live shows between all the projects of which he has been part.

How Chris jams with you: “My approach to students is to teach them what they want to learn to keep them interested and engaged,” says Chris, who has been teaching music for 11 years. “I balance that out with basic technique and theory to create a well-rounded music educational experience that keeps the student learning and motivated.” Coming from a family of educators, Chris loves sharing the gift of music and has taught hundreds of students’ guitar, bass, drums, voice, piano, ukulele and songwriting.