Curtis Killian

Jamstruments: Guitar, Ukulele, Bass

Where the jam is made: Curtis teaches In-home lessons throughout Greater Boston. He also leads JWY Songwriting Workshops and Birthday Parties. 

What’s his jam? Classic rock, with a side of funk, pop, country, and jazz

Jamprenticeship: Trumpet lessons in elementary school ignited a passion for music and performance, followed by guitar lessons, which began at age 12. Curtis began playing in bands shortly thereafter, including jazz and marching band in high school, as well as marching and pep bands at UMass, among others. 

What in jamnation? Curtis is lead guitarist with the Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra, blending music and theatrical elements in tribute to Queen, Bowie, Zeppelin, Beatles, The Who, Heart, Fleetwood Mac, and even musicals such as Jesus Christ Superstar. He also has a home recording studio, where he writes and records songs with his band Killian Whall. Other projects have included School For Robots, pop, funk and country bands. 

How Curtis jams with you: “I like to take a holistic approach, starting with individual goals and catering the lessons to the student's interest,” says Curtis, who has worked with budding musicians in the Building the Band program at Beaver Camp in Chestnut Hill. Using popular songs students enjoy, he teaches elements of technique, theory, and sharing a love of music!

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