Christopher Belden


Jammin’ on: Piano, Guitar, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Ukulele, Voice; Beatmaking/Production

Jamographic location: In-home lessons throughout Greater Boston

Sweetest jam: Formerly of Goosepimp Orchestra, a touring band with three albums to its credit.

Ed-jam-ucation: Christopher started on a path toward multifaceted music mastery at an early age, starting with close to a decade of saxophone lessons and participation in Concert/Jazz Bands and choir. At Berklee College of Music Christopher was a Saxophone Performance Major and did independent study in piano, percussion, voice and music production.  

How he jams with you: Having taught, played and produced music for decades, Christopher believes in a well-rounded, creative approach – incorporating multiple instruments and even aspects of production and composing into his lessons. “I like to say that my focus is on fun, and my primary goal is to help kids develop a positive relationship with music,” he says.  “There are many different ways to do that, and it's my job as an educator to find the best one for the student in question. Anything a student wants to play is fair game.”

Audio Sample:

Nancy Stewart