Whether they’re the next American Idol or destined for a series of mind-blowing concerts in the shower, students in our JamCHORUS program will learn the skills and cooperation it takes to sing in a chorus. JamCHORUS runs for 11 weeks and offers a warm, supportive welcome to students ages 6.5 to 9 who’d like to test their talents in a fun choral environment.

Our top priority is developing confidence and comfort with the voice, ears and body. As classes progress, students learn more advanced vocal techniques like breathing, articulation and pitch, as well as ear training, sight-reading and the basics of harmony.

All classes are held at the JWY! Program Center
12B Mica Lane Wellesley, MA 02481

For information about enrollment, payment, cancellation and more,
please refer to our Studio Class Policies.



First child: $310.75
Additional children: $224.75

Take it to the Next Level

'From Babies to Bands'


At Jammin With You, we designed our studio programming to offer a full musical journey. If your child has aged out of JamCHORUS and has taken at least 1 year of private voice or instrument lessons, you may consider enrolling him or her in private lessons or our JamBAND program: