Joseph Folan

Jams on: Guitar, Trumpet, Piano

Location: Greater Boston

What’s his jam? Rock, Folk, Funk, Jazz

Ed-jam-ucation: Joseph began playing in elementary school and was a member of his high school concert and jazz bands. He graduated from UMass Lowell with a Guitar Performance degree in 2019.

Jamography: Joe’s areas of expertise are jazz harmony and improvisation, but he also enjoys top 40, classic rock, blues, funk and folk. Joe was a part of indie rock band "Sound Bandits" which toured the northeast in 2017 and released an album in 2018. He also played guitar in the pit for productions of High School Musical, Swing, and Spring Awakening.

Jammin’ with Joe: With seven years of experience, Joe enjoys teaching students their favorite songs, as well as composition, improvisation and reading.

Audio Samples