J.P. Heston

Implements of the jam: Guitar, Bass, Piano, Voice

Where’s the jam? In-home lessons, Greater Boston  

Certificates of jamification: J.P. received a Music Professional Certificate from Berklee College of Music in 2015 and is currently continuing his education.  

J.P.’s Jam: Jazz. Or any style! 

Jam history: J.P. has been playing guitar since he was 8-years-old, and began studying jazz guitar and bass as a teen. He lives in South Boston where he is heavily involved in the live music scene, playing R&B, jazz, funk, pop, and rock. 

Note-able jams: Jungle Jazz Initiative (on Spotify), various Boston bands. 

Keys to jamming with you: An experienced private and group instructor for students of all ages and levels, J.P. brings a joy for music to his lessons and fosters passion, creativity, technical aptitude, theory proficiency, and performance skills. “Having fun while practicing!” is how he sums it all up. 

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