3 Fresh Ideas for Fun Music Practice

Create a music grab bag

Write our your child's assignments on index cards (you can include some silly cards as well such as "make the silliest face you can"). You can also photocopy your child's music and cut out small sections with scissors. Add all assignments to a bag. Make sure there is a lot of variety in the bag and that each assignment can be completed in 2-3 minutes. Have them pick 2-5 cards for each practice. 

Plan a performance

Have friends coming over? Offer your child a performance opportunity "if" they are prepared with their music. Music teachers are usually very happy to receive videos of progress throughout the week! 

Hire a tutor

Do you have a babysitter or teenager that you trust who also plays your child's instrument? Try having them over a few times to supervise practice. This gives your child 1) the inspiring feeling of getting to play with "a cool older kid" 2) makes music collaborative 3) creates a routine.