Kamen Ross

Jam’s on? Piano, Guitar, Voice, Ukulele

Where’s the jam? In-home lessons, In-studio lessons, Greater Boston. JamBAND, Birthday Parties 

What’s his jam? Rock, Blues, Jazz, Improvisation, Classical 

Schools of jam: Berklee College of Music, Rocky Ridge Music Center, Private study for 2+ decades 

How Kamen be jammin with you: For more than a decade, Kamen has made a living as a professional 1-on-1 teacher, simultaneously occupying full-time roles as a music instructor, ensemble leader, and professional mentor. He counts his “natural affinity for getting to know people of all ages and backgrounds” as invaluable to his teaching and learning experience. Whether methodically working through a musical book or searching for inspiration through their favorite song or band, Kamen helps students find their niche. He sums his philosophy up as follows … “Everyone is different, so every approach is different, and I like to try them all as I get to know each of the people that come to me with the passion and desire to bring music into their lives.” 

Jamnology: Kamen has been touring the northeast, east coast and Canada with Boston-based bands Rogozo and BILLY BALDWIN since 2017. He also sang with the choir for Boston Symphony Orchestra’s Distant Worlds Final Fantasy in 2013 and was pianist for a recent Newton Boys' and Girls' Club performance of The Wizard of Oz.  

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