Laura Ballek Cole

Tools of the jam: Piano, Guitar, Voice, Ukulele 

Location of the jam: In-home lessons throughout Greater Boston  

History of the jam: Laura was just 3-years-old when she started singing and has been involved in music ever since. Piano lessons came along a few years later, with a focus on classical music and accompanying. She studied music theory extensively in high school and to a lesser degree in college, and has accompanied worship services, regional choruses and musical theater.  

Sweetest jam: In college, Laura music-directed more than seven productions, but stayed mainly behind the scenes. She recently returned to the stage with her husband Evan (also a JWY teacher!), most notably as Nana the dog in Peter Pan.  

Jammin’ with Laura: A former middle school teacher, Laura is very interested in pedagogy. Her goal is for all students to feel a love for music, and to feel successful. Laura asks lots of questions to make sure her students understand the music in front of them. “I love to work with kids and I love music, so I really love to teach lessons!” she says. 

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