Lee Neckritz

Jammin’ implements: Piano, Saxophone, Flute 

Jam locale: In-home lessons throughout Greater Boston 

Preferred jam: Any and all! 

How he found the jam: Lee took private piano lessons for 14 years (ages 5 to 18), played sax in a jazz ensemble lead by prominent New Haven saxophonist Will Bartlett from 1994 to 1998., and studied sax with well-known Berklee professors from 1998 to 2002. 

Jamography: For 10 years, Lee was on tour with a live-looping funk band called The Hornitz. Since 2016 he has been touring as a one-man-band.

How he’ll jam with you: Lee takes an all-encompassing musical approach to reading and performing music as well as an exploration of improvisation techniques.