libby wooton

Jams on: Voice, Piano

Jam central station: Libby teaches in-home lessons throughout Greater Boston.

Preferred jams: Having taught classical, musical theatre, jazz, pop, rock, gospel, blues, country, folk and even a screamer in a metal band (!), Libby can help your student reach their goals.

Jammer education: After starting voice lessons at 14 years old, Libby went on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance from Montclair State University. Following that, she received a Master’s degree in Vocal Performance from Loyola University in New Orleans. Libby has performed and travelled with opera companies and choirs throughout North America and Europe.

Jamography: Libby has been teaching voice and piano for 9 years to children and adults from ages 4 to 76. She has experience conducting one-on-one lessons, as well as leading group classes (in French!). Drawing on her experience as a performer, she has helped her students prepare for a variety of auditions and performance opportunities.

How Claire jams with you: “My approach is to find the best method to help each student reach their individual goals.” Libby focuses on finding each student’s strength and works to make music lessons fun and engaging, as well as the “best part of their week.”