Michael Shammas

Jams on: Guitar, Bass, Ukelele, Piano 

Jamographic location: In-home lessons, in-studio lessons throughout Greater Boston 

What’s his jam? Pop, classic rock, hip hop, and other contemporary styles. 

Keys to a good jam: Michael has been teaching private lessons for about 3 years to ages 5 and up and is part of JWY programs JamBAND and SuperJAM! His approach to teaching is to build a repertoire and vocabulary using music familiar to the student. “This builds the confidence to approach new challenges and push ourselves enough to accomplish what we previously thought was out of our reach and allows us to have fun with music!” 

Note-able jams: Michael toured with Boston band Aviations and New Jersey’s SAWCE. He also records under the name "Michael Avery," and has been a featured artist on a long list of recordings! 

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