Nick Linder

What’s he jammin’ on? Piano, Drum 

Where’s he makin’ jam? In-home lessons throughout Greater Boston  

What’s his jam of choice? Rock or jazz 

Where’d he learn to jam? Nick Started playing drums and piano in elementary school, did his undergraduate at Peabody Conservatory of Music, and finished grad school at New England Conservatory! A state-certified K-12 music teacher in Massachusetts, he runs an after-school rock and roll club at an elementary school and stages annual spring musicals, including a recent 4-6th grade production of The Lion King. 

Jams de force: A band member for his entire “musical life,” Nick records and gigs with several groups in the greater Boston area. 

How he jams with you: Nick has been a private and classroom instructor for over a decade, and approaches teaching with the goal of being the most energetic, positive person in the room. “Music is fun, and I want all of my students to know that!” he says. 

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