Shana Gondelman

Jaministrative Guru:
Office Maestro

Jam location: Omnipresent 

Jams of the past: Shana played clarinet, sax and flute as a child, but has spent her professional life managing the books and operations of small businesses.

Favorite jams: 70's, 80's, 90's, today and of course, musical theater!

Noteworthy jams: As a mom, Shana relates to the parents who walk through JWY’s doors and makes sure they get the absolute best experience for their children. She taught English in Spain and understands the educator mindset. She also sang backup on one of the Josh & the Jamtones albums! “Watching the young babies grow to be young musicians is a privilege,” says Shana. “I love being part of our community!”

How Shana jams for you: From organizing calendars to hiring teachers, filing taxes to ordering swag and heading up office singalongs, Shana makes sure everybody does their job and keeps the jam train a rollin.’ “I have always believed that music is an important part of a child's development and love that I'm able to merge all of my experiences and education in life to culminate in the best job ever!” she says.