Little kids are natural born actors. They invent pretend playmates, fly like fairies, host tea parties for stuffed animals and become bath towel superheroes when there’s danger afoot. We take all that creative energy and imagination and channel it through a warm and fuzzy musical theater program designed just for them.

StagePLAY is an 11-week class for our littlest actors and musicians, ages 3.5 to 6. The program is structured to help children harness their natural ability to be outside-the-box “imaginators.” StagePLAY inspires self-assurance, imaginative play, and performance skills through:

  • Strong repetition of songs, dances and games that build confidence and encourage focused play

  • Individual singing or joke-telling at the microphone

  • Our signature, jamstyle, marshmallow campfire to close each class

Why not take your little actor/actress from acting out to singing out?

All classes are held at the JWY! Program Center
12B Mica Lane Wellesley, MA 02481

For information about enrollment, payment, cancellation and more,
please refer to our Studio Class Policies.



First child: $310.75
Additional children: $224.75

Take it to the Next Level

'From Babies to Bands'


At Jammin With You, we designed our studio programming to offer a full musical journey. If your child has aged out of StagePLAY or is ready for a new challenge, you may consider enrolling in private lessons or these studio classes: