Tyler Arnott

Jam ingredients: Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums 

Jamographic location: In-home lessons throughout Greater Boston  

Favorite jams: Rock, Bluegrass, Funk, Fingerstyle, Folk, Jazz, Classical, Blues 

Ed-jam-ucation: Growing up, Tyler’s household was saturated with music – his parents were working musicians and his sisters are all singers and musicians as well. He taught himself guitar, bass, drums, and piano in elementary school (!!!) and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in music at UMass Lowell, while playing in a touring band. 

Sweetest jam: Tyler plays and tours the U.S. with a band called Skyfoot. 

Recipe for jammin with you: Tyler has taught guitar, bass, piano and drums for about 8 years. He wants his lessons to have a foundation that supports music for which the student shows a genuine interest. From there, he tailors a lesson plan centered around a fun, best fit and an engaging curriculum.  

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