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Mother's Day Composing 2019

Sightreading Cards

Music Truth or Dare

Valentines Round-Up

SuperJAM Practice Aids

Note Reading Ruckus

A Hero Returns

Thanksgiving Resource Round-Up

Rainbow Robber (Beginning Rhythm Game)

Beethoven in Bits

Something's Missing

No-Sweat Student Assessment


Crossing Galaxies (Score Study)

Cut Up a Song Grab Bag

Student Saver Pieces 

St. Patrick's Day Resource Round-Up

Valentines Day Round-Up

Detailed Practice Supplement 

Brag Tags

Pouring on Pouring (Beginning Ear Training)

Nuts About Birthdays - Improv Duet

Three Intermediate Pop Piano Solos

Find The Mistake: Christmas Carols

Holiday Resource Round-Up 2017

Winter Blues Improv Activity

Pirate Treasure Hunt

Intermediate Piano Solos of Popular Songs

4 Student Saver Pieces

Personalized Student Musical Staff

Silly Songs To Begin The School Year

Skittles Board Games

Adventures in Music Board Game

Vacation ToolKit

Easy Piano Arrangements of Popular Songs

Increasing Lesson Length

Mother's Day Composing

This Pretty Planet and The Garden Song

Stick Rhythms

Rhythmic Floor Composing

Preparing for SuperJams

Top 40 Songs with 5 Chords or Less

Sticky Starfish

Visual Practice Aids

Musical Hangman

Scalingo (Scales and Chords BINGO)

Fun Piano Technique Tips for Kids

Notes and Race Cars

Snowflake Technique 


Musical Alphabet Game

Holiday Resource Round-Up 2016

Eartraining Worksheets

Thanksgiving Composing (pre-reading and on staff)

Rhythmic Tic-Tac-Toe

Scarecrow Stomp

Build A Skeleton

Valet Parking Note Game

Wellesley Teacher Tips 2016

Summer Review Packet

Wrapping Up the Year

Lady Bug Note Reading

Five Little Monkeys (Dictation Exercise)

Crazy Keys

Coloring Practice Stencils

Fun Composing Activities

Musical Mystery Bag

SuperJam Time Capsule

Theory Worksheets

2015 Holiday Resource Round-Up

Animal Safari (learn the piano keys)

High/Low Pattern Activity

Halloween Resource Round-Up

How To Check Your Payroll Amount

Get Playing on Lesson #1!

Summer Fun Improv

Viewing Your SH Calendar in "Agenda View"

Special Happy Birthday Song

Learn Music with Race Cars

Note Race

Follow Through With Practice Sheets

The Snowflake Technique

Keeping Students Excited

Planning for SuperJams

Spaceship Composing Activity

Build a Snowman Flashcards

Lesson Toolkit for the Ultra Beginner

Spell a Keyboard!

Music Spinners!

Holiday Composing Activity

Holiday Composing Activity

Holiday Resource Round-up

"Frozen" Themed Music Game

Steps and Skips Worksheet

Tips on How to Teach Students to Read Music

Five Little Monkeys (Dictation Exercise)

Empowering Students!

"Up, Down" Matching Cards

Build A Skeleton

"Twinkle, Twinkle" Mystery Notes

Autumn Composing Activity

Sightreading Pattern Cards

Developing Teaching Methods With Today's Technology

"Get The Dolphin Home" Note Game

Talkin' About Time!

Spelling With Note Names

Toss a Penny (Note Naming Game)

Mad Libs Film Scoring

Richard Gill - The Value of Music Education

Rhythmic Tic-Tac-Toe

Wrapping Up The School Year

Composing Activity - "Summer is Here"

Right Brain Music Note Learning

Musical Terms Worksheets

How To Enter Common Lesson Occurrences in SH

When Is It Okay To Cancel?

Ice Cream Chords!

Easter Egg Hunt: Steps and Skips

Bobby McFerrin Shows Our Innate Understanding of Music

How Much Is That Doggie (Rhythm Game)

Composing in Lessons

Initial Family Calls

Preparing for SuperJams!

Creative Ways To Teach Rhythms

3 Fun Songs for Beginning Piano Readers

Every Kid Needs A Champion

Heartbeat Matching Game

Identifying Steps & Skips

The Full Scoop on Studio Helper

Teaching Children on Autism Spectrum

Lesson Etiquette

Rhythm Composing Game!