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Jammin With You's music enrichment program offers an unequivocal educational experience to children in the earliest, and most important, stages of development. Our trained professionals will get your students dancing, singing and jamming — all while promoting healthy social/emotional, cognitive and physical development.

Powered by the original music of Josh and the Jamtones, JWY songs touch on relevant topics such as imagination, family and love as well as educational themes including numbers, colors, language and rhythms. 

At Jammin With You, we believe music enrichment should be an experience children engage in, not just a recording they listen to. All of our teachers are highly skilled musicians who perform music, live, in the classroom. We do our best to incorporate classroom themes and goals into our sessions to provide continuity in learning. 


“Whenever the children at my center hear that Jammin With You is coming for our bi-weekly class, they explode with excitement! The energy that is brought to each class is unmatchable. The children learn so much and it is all through song and dance. What more could you ask for!”

Afi Afshar, Director, Arlington Infant Toddler Center

Jammin With You has been a wonderful addition to my center...The songs the children learn carry throughout the week. We are very happy with the quality and look forward to a longstanding relationship.
— Andrew Kessler, Executive Director, Le Petit Monde Daycare
We appreciate how our JWY teacher works with our staff and how responsive she is to suggestions from the teachers. She introduces a variety of musical techniques and the children throughly enjoy her music sessions.
— Barbara O’Neal, Education Director, Arlington Children’s Center


Watch our experienced teachers engage with students via live performance and interactive instruction. JWY music enrichment always features two key ingredients: Live music and real instruments.


Partner Schools 

JWY proudly provides music enrichment classes to the following schools: