Breathing Basics for Singing

Breath support is the most important element of proper singing technique. Proper breathing will help you maintain a clear singing voice and develop a greater range. It will also give you greater stamina for long shows and recording sessions. It is helpful to practice breath technique on its own before applying it to your singing. Your vocal chords will thank you!

Good Posture

Place with your feet below your shoulders with knees slightly bent. Stand with your shoulders supported and rib cage expanded. Make sure you are comfortable and not forcing your ribs out.

Inhale, expanding around your waistline

Keep your ribs and shoulders relatively still and breath into your abdominal region.

Exhale without collapsing

The key when exhaling is to keep your rib cage expanded and breathing from your abdominals. Try placing both thumbs at the bottom of your rib cage and exhaling without letting your thumbs move inward. Keep your abdominal region supported as you push the air out (see picture below).

Breathing Exercise:

1. Stand in front of a full length mirror.

2. Take in a good breath (without "overfilling") and breathe out on a sustained S sound as in "hiss." Hold until you are completely out of air.

3. Take in another supported breathe and exhale with the sound "mah" on a single note. Hold until you are completely out of air.

4. Keep you abdominal muscles firm and make sure to keep your ribs expanded and chest supported even when you are at the end of your air supply.