Five Ways to Enjoy Practicing

We all know the old saying "practice makes perfect," but what happens when practice gets boring? It's important to stay engaged while practicing music for your lesson, and not go into autopilot. Mixing up your practice routine is one of the best ways to keep things fresh and be efficient with your practice time!

Video yourself

Video yourself practicing with a camcorder or FlipCam. It's super fun to watch yourself back on the computer or TV. It's also a good chance to check your tempo and notes to see if there are places in the piece that you could improve. If you have permission you can even put it on YouTube to show your friends!

Do a mini dress rehearsal

Decide what you will wear for your recital or show and get used to walking around in it. Pretend you are at the real performance and rock out for your family and friends. Ice cream afterwards is allowed! 

Busk on the street

Pull out all the songs you know and go busk on the street in your neighborhood, the subway, or local event. Before you know it you will have been playing for 2 hours. This is a great way to drill all the songs you know and make some bucks!! 

See your achievement with pennies

When you practice a hard part of a song try to do it ten times perfectly in a row. Slide a penny over to the other side for each time you do it right. Play something fun once you've got ten pennies in a row!

Learn fun songs from the radio

Practice learning chords by learning songs off the radio and singing along. Dress up as a rockstar and do a show for your friends!