Simple Tricks to Improve Music Practice

In a music lesson, students receive many new tools and skill building techniques. The sooner your child practices after a lesson, the easier and more productive the whole week of practicing will be. 

Students should aim to review lesson material with a parent for 3-5 minutes the SAME day as their lesson. This will solidify all the instructions from the lesson - including technique, dynamics, new material, and special areas to work on. Students will also be more likely to start practice earlier in the week with a chip of practice already out of the way. 

Here are some fun ways to build lesson review into your routine: 

  • Have your child give a "mini-lesson" to a parent or sibling using all the new information they learned from their music lesson. Kids love to teach their parents and give them their own assignments. 

  • Film your child and give them a pretend news interview on their music assignments.  

  • Have your child play their music pieces, and try to guess what they were assigned. 

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