Jammin With You has been a part of our lives for the past 9 years. We have done it all — baby classes, summer camp, drama classes — and are presently doing in-home music lessons. I truly believe that Josh and his team have instilled a love of music in all of my children and we will forever be grateful for that gift he gave our children.
— L.F.

My son and I have been learning guitar together with JWY and it has been a wonderful experience. We found the perfect teacher to motivate and inspire us. Our teacher’s passion for guitar comes through every time we have our lesson, and each week we gain new nuggets about technique and style. After a few months of playing, we are now comfortable and proud to show our family and friends what we have learned!
— K.M.

Our teacher really does so much more then teach them piano. He teaches them about patience and not giving up and not being too hard on yourself when you are having difficultly, just keep going.
— S.K.

JWY really helped my children develop a love for music that has grown throughout the eight years they have worked with the teachers there. Their skills have evolved so differently, yet they both cherish what music provides. The teachers are competent and able to cater to different needs. I don’t want to imagine our lives without JWY.
— J.G.

We have really enjoyed so many wonderful teachers from JWY. I recommend you whenever I hear of people looking for music lessons. We’ve been really happy with JWY. Josh has really done a wonderful job filling a need in our community and done so with fun, energetic teachers who captivate young (often easily-distracted) minds and inspire a love of making music.
— M.L.