Jammin' With You!
2012 - 2013 Family Testimonials

Ethan Robbins


“The kids had a great year with Ethan Robbins. He helped them and always fit their input on what kind if music they want to play. He got my 4 year old to play the keyboard by starting to play the theme song from the Batman show. It definitely got his attention.”


The kids loved their music lessons with Ethan and had a wonderful year learning new songs to play. Thank you.”


Pat Wheyland


“We think Patrick is great! He finds ways to engage my kids and challenge them all while having fun.”


“Patrick is enthusiastic about music, and he loves to see progress in our son's playing. He knows how to handle our son's often difficult moods and gets him motivated and on task. He's really a music teacher, not just a musician who also teaches.”


Will Lombardelli


“Will started my son on beat-boxing, after his previous guitar teacher moved to NY. My son is now the main beat boxer in his high school a cappella group and has learned so much from Will.”


“Will is a great teacher! Nathaniel has made huge progress and truly loves the piano.”


“Will is wonderful. My two boys adore him and feel very motivated to put their best effort forward because of the encouragement they receive from him. He knows how to make piano fun and makes that a priority. Because they are having fun, they are learning. It's amazing how much they've learned and how far they've come since Will has become their teacher.”



Jeff D'antona


“Chris recently started with Jeff and is enjoying his lessons very much. He is happy that Jeff has lots to teach him.”


Rick Smith


“Rick is awesome! He is a bundle of energy and very inspiring. Our son adores him and looks forward to his lessons.”


Alex Gordeev


“Alex Thank you for your positive attitude and your encouraging way with Molly and Georgia! They enjoy piano and music and we appreciate your patience and adaptability. The pace has been good lately and they like how you write down a very clear assignment every week. thank you for making piano fun for them! Amy”


Jon Butterworth


“Jon is always very positive and encouraging to my son. He listens and responds to Toby patiently. Toby really likes his lessons with Jon and loves playing trumpet. He's had a lot of quick success as a novice trumpet player.”



Katie McTyre


“We love Katie! She is extremely patient and motivational for Olivia. She is the perfect teacher for Olivia and we are thrilled to have her as our teacher.”


Ryan Beke

“My daughter Christina started out playing with an acoustical guitar she has now moved onto an electric guitar which she will play for SuperJam. She could not have done this without Ryan's great teaching skills and patience. He is a talented and kind individual.”


“Ryan is a fabulous teacher. He has a positive disposition and has been wonderful for my child's self-esteem. Aidan looks forward to his lesson every week.”


Lindsey Horbert


“Lindsey rocks. She's flexible, reliable, supportive of the kids, great instructor.”


Keith Sanders


“Keith not only teaches how to play music, he models how to love music, and embodies how to live a life full of music. I LOVE that my child gets to experience with Keith excitement about and interest in....and love for....music. Keith is not just a teacher, he's a coach. And he's not just a coach, he's a mentor and a great example.”


“Guided by Keith's instruction and motivation, our daughter has learned more skills and love for the violin than we thought possible. He's also helped her grow as a disciplined, self-loving, exuberant, confident person who is able to perform music as well as play music, to enjoy music as well as make music. I'll also be especially grateful how, when our daughter was too afraid to play at her first recital, Keith taught her breathing and visioning exercises that put her at ease and let her mind, body, and soul "go for it." She played at that recital and has not turned back. We adore seeing her learn about herself and the world through learning to play that hard violin, and we are so grateful for Keith's guidance and mentoring, and coaching, that is making that happen.”


“Keith is fabulous; thank you for connecting us with him. Your billing system is easy to follow and professional. Your staff is courteous and supportive. Thank you so very much.”



Thomas Meunier


“Thomas is terrific- clearly excellent musician and great at sharing that in a kid-accessible manner”


“Thomas does a great job connecting with his student and making music fun and interesting. Colin can't wait for his lessons and I think that speaks volumes about the teacher.”


“Thomas is a wonderful guitar teacher. Our six-year old son was excited to start but also a little skeptical that he would like it. Thomas makes each lesson fun. Our son can't wait for his lessons with Thomas and even to practice during the week so that he can show Thomas what he can do. Thomas has really exceeded our expectations because not only has he made learning an instrument cool and fun for our six-year old but our younger sons can't wait to start too!”


“Thomas is enthusiastic and warm. He motivates our daughter (age 6) to want to learn more and more importantly, inspires her with his love and passion for music.”



Patrick Hanlin

Patrick is a great teacher. He is always enthusiastic and motivates our son to do his best. Jay has learned so much and continues to love to play which is a credit to Patrick ! Couldn't be happier.



Beth Pacione


“Beth is a great, fun loving teacher! My kids adore her!”


“Beth is fantastic. She's not only professional and consistenly on time, she's fun and enthusiastic. She's made Ava a music lover!”




I find Jammin with You to be a great resource for inspirational and talented musicians. I also really love the company's flexibility, which many other companies do not offer. They work with you on length of lessons, session dates, and any makeups required. As a mom with three children, I really love their willingness to work with our often changing schedules. My son has been able to play three sports and still take weekly music lessons, all because of Jammin with You's flexibility.



“We have done classes and individual lessons with Jammin With You. It is a great group of people. I would highly recommend them!”



“When I had two kids and two teachers the billing process was confusing. It was hard to tell which teacher was billing for which days and I frequently got 2 separate bills...I have SO much mail already clogging my inbox that it was just more likely to get lost. It would be helpful if I could just link to a web page and pay my bill via credit card instead of having to right a check each month. I know you can do auto pay but I don't want to auto pay - I like getting the bill and checking it over ....especially when you have 2 teacher because it can get rather confusing. My advice would be to set up pay pal so people can just pay online. It would be MUCH easier!!!”


“Congratulations to JWY for creating a business that makes it easy and affordable for young kids to learn to play instruments.”


“We can't say enough about the company and our teacher Patrick. Everyone is so positive and always a pleasure to deal with.”



2011 - 2012 testimonials...


“My two daughters discovered Merrily handing out fliers for Jammin' With You. From the first time they saw her and spoke with her, it was clear that she was someone who was passionate about music. In our short time together, we have all come to respect Merrily's talent and her ability to develop the talent in others.  Unlike other teachers my daughter had when she was younger, who told her what to sing, Merrily encourages our daughter to sing the songs she's most interested in learning and then to make them her own, to develop her own voice and style rather than just to imitate an artist. As a result, my daughter spends most waking moments at home practicing piano and singing. We believe that like a flower needs sun, rich soil and rain, our daughter needed Merrily to enter her life and awaken her voice. Thank you so much Merrily for your commitment to nurturing our daughter's musical talent.”


What parents are saying about our instructors:

Elton Xhoja:
Piano, Clarinet

“Elton is great for kids of all different level!  We couldn't be happier.”

Elton is an excellent and experienced teacher with a comprehensive knowledge of music, a wonderful personality and an ability to inspire students. He has a lot of patience, and encourages my kids to understand the emotion and feeling behind the music, instead of just having them memorize notes. Through his obvious love of music and playing piano, he has inspired my kids to want to improve their piano skills.

Jessica Jacobs:
Voice, Piano

“Coming into my daughter's life  after her beloved previous singing teacher moved away cannot have been easy for Jessica.  She was bound to be compared as the emotions of a 15yr old girl ran raw.  Jessica admirably rose to the challenge and won my daughter over.  THANK YOU!

“We LOVE LOVE LOVE Jessica!  She is lovely, positive, encouraging, and has a beautiful voice.  My daughters (and I) admire her singing talent.  When I overhear their lessons, I hear her say a lot of positive words and praises - good job, yeah, etc.”


Jon Butterworth:
Drum, Piano, Trumpet

Jon is so positive and motivating and fabulous- we are really happy.”


Kara Kulpa:
Violin, Piano, Guitar, Music Therapy

“Kara has been wonderful. She is enthusiastic and positive. She taught reading music, understanding rhythm and dynamics all while playing songs my daughter selected. Each lesson was fresh and exciting, and she looked forward to seeing Kara each week.”


Lindsey Horbert:
Guitar, Piano, Music Therapy

“Lindsey was just great. After less than a year of lessons, Hannah is playing well without feeling pressured. Looking forward to continuing later this summer!"

"We think Lindsey is fantastic. She is enthusiastic, professional, she makes learning fun and Emma has really connected with her. Emma is getting more and more excited about her time playing the guitar, and has recommended lessons with Lindsey to friends. It has been great for Emma. I also thought the Superjam was great. The low-key format was perfect for our family and Emma just loved the performer badge with her name on it!”

“Lindsey is the perfect blend of cool and talent. My 9 year old enjoys the classics, the theory and the current song books Lindsey provides. They enjoy playing duets and rocking out but also learning scales and some basic tools. Lindsey rocks.

“Lindsey, my son's teacher, is a wonderful person, she is always responsible, on time, caring, patient and full of energy to teach my son. We hope she continues her work with us through the coming years.”

“My two children, ages 6 and 8, started taking piano lessons last September with Lindsey from JWY. Our goal with the lessons was to introduce our children to music and hope that they would develop a basic understanding of the piano and an appreciation of music in general. JWY has delivered so much more! Both children not only have learned to read music and play the piano but they LOVE it! My son has truly found something he enjoys and I believe the learning style of the teacher, and the program in general, has helped him build his confidence and develop his talents.


Lee Neckritz:
Flute, Piano, Saxophone

“Lee is the perfect match for our 7 year-old son. He is enthusiastic, laid-back, focused, encouraging and motivating. We have seen huge progress in his playing this year, but most importantly, Lee has inspired him to love playing and to value practicing. In my son's words, he loves his lessons with Lee because they are 'FUN!'”


Patrick Hanlin:
Drums, Piano

“We cannot say enough about Patrick - he is tremendous. He is a gifted teacher and instills a love of music, is so positive and enthusiastic and motivates our son so much. Our son looks forward to his lesson each week."

"Patrick is fabulous and patient. Our daughter is a sometimes reluctant practicer and player, but he has found a way to tap into her musical interests and keep her motivated and engaged. We could not be happier."

"Patrick has been such a wonderful drum teacher for our son. It is obvious he has a deep love for music but also for being around kids. My son is only 4 years old and he looks forward to Patrick walking in the door every Monday afternoon. We have loved JWY and have recommended it to everyone we know. Thanks so much.

“Patrick is fun and makes the kids really enjoy the lessons and instruments. We look forward to seeing him in September. Have a great tour this summer!!”

“My son loves piano lessons because of his instructor, Patrick. He makes learning fun and enjoyable and he really understands how to encourage Jack in a way that makes sense to a seven year old. We love Patrick!”

Ray Sullivan:
Guitar, Drum, Piano

“Ray is great - our 5 year old daughter looks forward to piano lessons every week.”



Ryan Schwartzel:
Bass, Guitar, Piano

“Ryan has been awesome and has made learning the piano fun!


Will Lombardelli:
Piano, Trombone, Beatbox

“Will is very patient with our son.  He also gives us feed back each week and what our son needs to work on."

"Will is an awesome teacher!  Nathaniel really has developed a love of music.  He clearly enjoys his lessons.  We could not be more pleased."



Beth Pacione:
Voice, Piano, Guitar

“Beth is a great teacher and my kids love her! She makes learning the piano fun and my kids respect her as a music teacher. We have recommended her to many people.”

“Beth is a great teacher!  We highly recommend her!"

My son really looked forward to his music lessons with Beth. He frequently sang songs he learned with her. I have really enjoyed having Beth work with my son!”