Preparing For Your Music Recital

 Music recitals are always an exciting event. Performing helps you grow as a musician and is a great confidence builder. Here are some tips to help you feel awesome on performance day. Be sure to invite all your friends and family to share in your big moment!

Song choice

Make sure that you pick a song for your recital that you have had enough time to work on. It should be a song that you really like and won't get bored from practicing a lot. Sometimes it's tempting to want to change songs a week before the recital because you learned something new, but generally it's best to stick with your prepared song.

You can never be too prepared

You should feel so comfortable with your song that you can do it in your sleep. If there are any parts in your piece that you feel uncomfortable about, slow them down and practice them separately until you can do them 10 times in a row with no mistakes. When nerves are in the picture, mistakes are more likely to happen so it's helpful to have the material in your muscle memory.

Dress rehearsals

Leading up to your performance do as many run-throughs of your song as possible. Practice walking up to your intrument and finding your starting notes. If you make a mistake during your run-through, keep going as you would in your real performance. Then go back and work on any areas that felt uncomfortable. 


Sometimes clothing can restrict playing or make it feel uncomfortable, particularly tight sleeves, collars, and dresses. Be sure to try out whatever you'll be wearing and make sure you feel completely comfortable in it.

Mistakes happen!

If you end up making a mistake don't worry! Just keep going and you'll be amazed that most people don't even notice. The audience wants you to succeed and will be cheering you on the whole way.

Have fun

Everyone says it but it's so true! Don't put too much pressure on yourself and go up with a smile :)