Toys for Music Loving Kids

Are you looking for a gift for a music loving kid? These games teach sightreading, composing, and pattern recognition. These are great supplements for students enrolled in piano, guitar, voice, ukulele, and drum lessons. 

Toys for music students

Compose Yourself


You don’t have to know how to write music or even own an instrument to be a world-class composer. Created by the ever-famous composer and cellist, Maestro Philip Sheppard, Compose Yourself teaches children as young as six to play with music. To create your own melody, arrange cards in a visual pattern, enter the codes with our music making software at, and hear your piece played by a full symphony orchestra at Abbey Roads Studios. Then flip, rotate, rearrange and even add more cards to create your very own masterpiece. 


Award-Winning Symphony Blocks

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 12.26.11 PM-1.png

These blocks can be rearranged to play a million different melodies, teaching children about music, shapes, and colors. A recipient of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Blue Chip Classic Award, it consists of five blocks that can be placed in any order into the sturdy base. Each side of each block plays a different phrase of music when pressed, while hitting the big red button on the front runs through all five phrases in sequence. A flip of a switch changes the music from a classical, symphonic performance to swinging jazz to drum-filled African rhythms. 


Simon Electronic Memory Game 


Attempt to memorize and repeat the light and sound sequences. This helps students learn memorization, pattern recognition, and sequences. 


Rock & Roll It Rainbow Piano 


Play music on the go with this fun and creative roll-up rainbow piano from Mukikim. With cool features like demo songs, multiple keyboard tones and a built-in speaker, this roll-up piano is perfect for you to rock and roll your way anytime, anywhere.