Colin Minigan

Implements of the jam: Piano, Guitar, Drums 

Location of the jam: In-home lessons throughout Greater Boston 

Primary jam: Classical 

How he learned to jam: Starting in elementary school, Colin began taking drum and piano, as well as clarinet, which he played in school bands from grades 4 through 9. From grades 10 through 12 he was a percussionist with his high school band. Colin holds a B.A. in Music w/honors from Skidmore College (composition/ethnomusicology focus) and is expected to earn his master’s in music composition in 2020 from Boston Conservatory. 

Sweetest jams: Though primarily a Classical musician, Colin has also played in bands and studied jazz piano and guitar. He played in bands and recorded music in high school and is a songwriter/composer who records his own music regularly.  

How Colin jams with you: Colin has taught music in the Boston area since 2017, and focuses on fundamental, technical playing and reading skills while exploring each student’s individual interests. “I try to find a way to be flexible with students so that they are engaged and working on music they care about while building general musicianship skills,” he says. 

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