Zak King

Where he brings it: In-home lessons, New York City

Jammin on: Piano, Drum

What’s his jam?: Jazz, Rock, Metal, Hand Drumming

Ed-jam-ucation: Zak holds a Bachelor’s of Music Education from University of New Hampshire and Master of Music in Jazz Performance from New England Conservatory.

Sweetest jams: A versatile career musician, Zak plays a variety of music, but enjoys percussion-centric music the most. He tours the northeast as a singer and drummer and has played with more than 50 pit orchestras. He currently works under Steve Bass at the Company Theater and at Greater Boston Stage Company. Records he has contributed to include Richie Smith & Zak King’s Fallout; JJ JHNSN’s Trog; Eric Stilwell Double Trios Building A Monument; Nihco Gallo Trio’s Habitual Offender; Epicenter’s Grab The Reins and Subversion; Buckdancer’s Choice, Rolling In The Rushes; and A Friendly Advocate’s Below My Virgin Eyes. You can find Zak at

How Zak jams with you: Zak has 10 years of teaching experience, and uses a combination of technique fundamentals, ear training, and song learning/writing. “I have an overall plan and goals for all my students, but each person has their own strengths and weaknesses that need individual attention,” he says.